The following links were generated from searching for articles in San Diego Union Tribune using "Save our Forests and Ranchlands". The intent is to provide a reference some of the back country's history. [this archive was captured July 4th, 2000]

01-Jul-2000 Airport tower project set | Some Ramonans question need
17-Jun-2000 Lockyer joins backcountry rezoning suit
10-Jun-2000 Battle waged over backcountry plans | Environmentalists ask court to block zoning changes
19-May-2000 Ramona freeway? Nope | Would be 20 years off, but it's under fire
13-May-2000 Letters to the Editor

Ecological bombast can be explosive
02-May-2000 Marco Antonio Gonzalez
Surfer wants to make waves over pollution
6-Apr-2000 Home density doubled in backcountry
2-Apr-2000 Future of farmland to be set by supervisors | Environmentalists, developers at odds
23-Mar-2000 Letters to the Editor

19-Mar-2000 This is `smart growth'? County's new plan will make matters much worse
16-Nov-1999 Groups lament possible loss of old farm
15-Sep-1999 Off-road park plan in East County may be on bumpy path to dust-up
23-Feb-1999 Smart growth: A change in heart?
28-Feb-1999 SMART GROWTH
Smarting over growth | A movement unfolds to attack problem, but finding consensus is elusive
27-Feb-1999 RV park ready for another go-round | Oaks at Descanso report out for review
12-Dec-1998 Judge won't stop grading of over 60 vernal pool
National group talking turkey again | San Diego chapter disbanded in '95 amid controversy
Land rights, fear of sprawl collide in rural initiative
04-Jul-1998 fyi | North Coast

25-Jun-1998 Registrar OKs rural initiative for ballot | Action sets scene for November battle
18-Jun-1998 County wants land owners to pay cost of legal fights
24-May-1998 THE FIGHT OVER RURAL LANDS | Ballot drive aims to shelter pristine backcountry from urban sprawl with tough restrictions
02-Dec-1997 Land-use initiative stirs battle over county rural areas
02-Dec-1997 Duncan McFetridge
Natural obsession | Activist fights to preserve backcountry
07-Nov-1997 Waste-water plant gets go-ahead | Supervisors' move may revive project in Valley Center
29-Dec-1995 Bill McNeilly
Rural land war heads toward showdown | Preservationists file suit to keep developers at bay
07-Jun-1997 Save Our Forest names county, city in suit | Group seeks access to original government land use mapping data
06-Apr-1997 LETTERS
Rancho Santa Fe is home to many types | There's no one right way to handle crying baby | Immigration reforms and the realities | Lighting a fire under the governor | More in defense of conservationist
02-Apr-1997 Letters to the Editor
Developers took rewards -- and forgot the cure | There are problems in building a city | Healthy fees for Panettas from CSU | Is class-size reduction really productive, efficient? | Insurance commissioner is tough and effective | No panda privacy | Give employers, workers flexibility they need | Strange priorities
19-Mar-1997 Subdivision blocked in mountain lion corridor | Court sides with environmentalists; North County project may be scrapped
11-Mar-1997 Judge voids '96 approval of RV park LETTERS
Driving loses its roadside appeal | Notoriety due to fame, not race | Creation scientist should be part of series | A tale like that of the Lorax? | `Social engineers' need to charge | `Open spaces may yet be saved' | `Poster boy' for ritzy venues | Men-bashing mindset wears thin | Not Healing Touch, but expensive ouch | `New Age-y' feel to Healing Touch | In defense of Viewpoints | Sports Letters
Send Henderson on his way | `Rickey ball' doesn't work | Rob Deer will be missed | Wrong time for the wave | Let's stress Chargers horse | Turkey drama sadly funny | Why Wheaties over sports? | Ali's role is questioned | Dream Team an abomination | Barkley comments typical | Pros could follow Vlade lead | Pay, not play, is the thing | Women the real
24-Feb-1997 Synopses of the lawsuits filed by SOFAR
24-Feb-1997 Duncan McFetridge
Forest Gumption | In-your-face conservationist fights to protect county's wildlands from development
11-Feb-1997 Court orders added time on farmland review | County told to take 6 months more on development plans
21-Jan-1997 Farm group takes county to court
16-Jan-1997 fyi | San Diego

11-Dec-1996 Letters to the Editor
Who are these judges who overrule the voters? | Farm Bureau proposal will not `ease rules on land use' | `Ranchette subdivisions' could harm agricultural preserves | Call them homosexual unions, not marriages | It's a matter of character | Tax the churches
05-Dec-1996 Board favors land-use changes | Supervisors may ease development rules in rural areas
09-Sep-1996 6 agencies to shield rare Cuyamaca plants | Education, curbs, balloon tires to aid 3 delicate bloomers
17-Aug-1996 Planners try to limit farmland development
08-Aug-1996 Some environmental activists have doubts on plan for habitats
06-Aug-1996 Some activists doubt environment plan
04-Aug-1996 OUTDOORS
Turkeys flourish in the wild while DFG founders in court
09-Jul-1996 fyi | North County

10-Jun-1996 From the East County Beat
Environmentalists drawn into debate over border crackdown
20-Apr-1996 Letters to the Editor
Are lawsuits against county's land-use policies justified? | Litigants deserve their fees | The culprits are nailed | Honest land-use planning | Board made illegal decisions
11-Apr-1996 Activist suits hold landowners hostage
30-Mar-1996 Letters to the Editor
DA's priority is to protect victims, especially children | Protecting private property rights is aim of supervisors | Countercharges of conflict of interest in land development
29-Mar-1996 Lawsuit aims to block RV park | Foes say it would blight scenic Descanso area
25-Mar-1996 Conservationists rip supervisors over moratorium appeal
24-Mar-1996 Outdoors
Hunters gobbling up turkeys | Third Tune-up draws biggest gathering yet
07-Mar-1996 County supervisors rescind 2 farmland votes
22-Feb-1996 Board orders rule changes for farmland
22-Feb-1996 County endorses 85-space RV park near Descanso
07-Feb-1996 Judge rejects suit to block subdivision, says foes failed to prove wildlife threat
04-Feb-1996 Outdoors | QUICK SHOTS

28-Jan-1996 Outdoors
Turkey plant runs afoul of suit | Hunting bias believed to be root of action
13-Jan-1996 Court sows seeds of debate on fate of county farmland
04-Jan-1996 A severe blow to farmers | `Technical error' could mean building moratorium
19-Dec-1995 Protecting San Diego's back country
02-Dec-1995 Duncan McFetridge
McFetridge honored for wild lands initiative
13-Jul-1995 Letters to the Editor
Sen. jesse Helms' comment about AIDS is mind-boggling | Whether the mountain lion threatened is questionable
08-Jul-1995 Housing, mountain lions compete for a place in the wild
18-Apr-1995 Preserving the forest | A foundation is buying private land
21-Mar-1994 California Scene
County indifferent to preserving rural land
18-Jan-1994 Technicality threatens forest initiative | Proposition C wording on ballot didn't match petition language
04-Nov-1993 Forest battle won, but foes reload
Cut development, not trees, voters say | Propositions A, B also pass
25-Oct-1993 CAMPAIGN '93 | PROPOSITION C | Forest conservation
A feud grows in Cleveland Forest | Prop. C would cut housing density
22-Oct-1993 Ruling on Descanso subdivision is OK'd | Rejection of appeal clears the path for 17-home project
20-Oct-1993 Proposition C
A natural heritage | Proposition C would preserve forest land
21-Jul-1993 Forest-homes limit will be put on November ballot
10-Jul-1993 3 projects in national forest are permitted to proceed
23-Jun-1993 The county's costly mistakes
15-May-1993 Letters to the Editor
Motor-voter bill is not apt to counteract voter apathy | Inadequate EIR was a costly mistake for county taxpayers | New police chief is seen as a real benefit for San Diego
08-May-1993 Building projects in forest banned | Judge calls for new environment report
26-Mar-1993 Back-country project arguments given
23-Mar-1993 Court to decide forest rezoning
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