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August 5th, 2000

Dear Beth Mayes,

This is a letter opposing a Soil Remediation Facility for Lakeside,Ca As a residents of this community, we are appalled over some of the decisions the County has been making for our community. We are up in arms over the amount of M-52, M-54,and worse M-58 Zoning that the County of San Diego allows. Our rural area is a wonderful place to raise children and animals, away from the high density of urban living. We value our open spaces, scenic mountains, hills and other natural habitats. One huge resource we value is the San Diego River. Yes, it begins right here in Lakeside, and runs through our community, through Santee, Mission Valley, and lastly into the Pacific Ocean in Ocean Beach.

Many of the residents have active wells from the water table which sits just below the proposed site of this Bioraptor. Knowing that the most contaminated soils from all of San Diego County will be transported here into our community is an outrage. We OPPOSE this idea completely and would like this North County Company in charge of the Bioraptor to go and put this M-58 zoning back in their own community (Vista/San Marcos)It is not welcome here. Actually, a facility such as this belongs in a place where there will be a minimal of Environmental Impact,away from people, animals, agricultural land and riverbeds. Please let the community of Lakeside be the voice here, not the County Supervisors of San Diego, whom do not reside in Lakeside.

Thank You,
Liza Rogers