August 7th, 2000

Dear Beth Mayes,

I am vehemently opposed to the importing, storage and processing of contaminated soils as proposed in the site plan STP-00-014, aka the Bio-Raptor Soil Remediation Facility.

As a Lakeside resident for over 25 years I have watched the continuous demise of the once sandy and usable river bottoms. The river is one of our most precious resources, the aqua fir beneath it is a critical resource especially since our county is on the verge of a water crisis. We must stop the expanding abuses that are facilitated by a number of past legal mistakes with regard to zoning and planning. Our community is taking steps to correct these problems and would like to keep the situation from getting worse while we are in this corrective process.

The bio-raptor system is a fine tool to help fix contaminated soil problems, however it is a portable system meant for on-site usage. The U.S. Micorbics, Inc. brochure even states that it "...minimizes offsite transportation and liability of contaminated soil through populated neighborhoods...". We should be fixing the soil contamination problems where they are created, not move them to the dumpster known as Lakeside, then pretend there was never a problem in the first place.

A second argument is lack of monitoring and lack of policy behind this facility and its operation. Lakeside is vulnerable to uncontrolled stockpiling of contaminated soil in the event the facility is not operational. After reviewing the plans I did not see provisions for facility shutdown or the collection of penalties when the unit fails to operate.

Please help us improve our community of Lakeside, and all of San Diego County, by disapproving of high-risk operations like this bio-raptor soil remediation facility.

Steve C. Coblentz

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