Comments needed by August 16th, 2002!

The following .pdf file is the form the County wants you to use for comments and concerns regarding the "Wildcat Canyon Road Enshancement Project". This form was obtained from the EIR/EA Public Scoping Meeting held July 23rd, 2002 at the Lakeside Community. Comments Form [25kb]

If you are unable to download the comments form just write them down, sign and send to:

Meredith Speicher
County of San Diego
Department of Public Works
5496 Kearny Villa Road, Suite 305
San Deigo, CA 92123

or fax to: 858-874-4043

The July 23rd meeting at the Lakeside Community Center was an Environmental Scoping Meeting for the Wildcat Canyon Road Enhancement Project used to gather community input. That input will be compiled into a report to the Board of Supervisors who have the final say on approval and funding for this project. The additional inputs were gathered at this meeting and can be submitted via written comments sent to the County's Public Works Department by August 16th. The community had several concerns, the four major ones were:
  • Traffic delays due to the road construction. This segement will take less than a year but is this just the first of a long sequence of segment-by-segment "improvements"? Will this work colide with the major water pipeline work along Willow.
  • What evidence is there that this effort will improve the overall safety of Wildcat Canyon Road. A passing lane create a greater hazard for residential traffic entering and exiting the road.
  • Many have questioned the motive for this road "improvement" considering the Bureau of Indian Affairs is providing $3M and the county is providing $1.4M.
  • A year or so ago this same sort of "study" was done for a full length canyon project. All comments and concerns made on that need to be re-submitted.

  • The wildcatcomments.pdf [25kb]
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