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Help us Save the San Diego River in Lakeside From Pollution

["Lakeside a River Runs Through It"]

The River needs your help. The San Diego River that runs through Lakeside affects everyone in San Diego. From the outlying Counties to the City of San Diego, to the Ocean.

Currently in Lakeside, Sand Miners are being investigated for Polluting the River by the Department of Fish and Game.

Our families, friends, and wildlife, from all over San Diego, live and play in this water.

Sand Miners are back filling with possible hazardous materials that go directly into the water of the San Diego River. Sensitive environmental habitats are being destroyed.

Sand Mining can be done without negatively impacting an area.

Channelization and the use of non-absorbent concrete dumped into the back filled areas will cause flooding downstream, all the way through to Mission Valley!

Help us stop further abuse of the river by the following ways: Demand that the River be returned to its natural state, River Parks, Wildlife sanctuary, continuation of Mission Trails Park to the east. Demand that the area be returned back to the original Conceptual Master Plan for an Upper San Diego River Park in Lakeside! Demand that Lakeside should no longer stand for being a toxic environmental eyesore! Say no to Industrial zoning including M-52 and M-54.

Stop backfilling the San Diego River with untested Fill that could be hazardous and pollute the river.